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      Anger Quiz - How to discover if you have anger problems

Stress can turn the heat up on anger.  Job or money stressors, parenting challenges, relationship issues, loss, disappointments, fear . . . all these can add to frustrations.

Check out these common signs of your anger thermostat on the rise.

  1. You feel angry and you don’t know why
  2. You promise yourself or others you won’t get angry again, but you don’t know how to calm yourself
  3. You find it difficult to stay calm if someone disagrees with you criticizes you, interrupts you or does things the wrong way
  4. You feel irritable frequently and find yourself blaming other people
  5. You were raised with someone who was angry a lot, and find yourself doing similar things
  6. You get angry in traffic, yelling at people and having thoughts of revenge
  7. Your kids or loved ones are afraid to talk with you, they walk on egg shells around you
  8. You have had problems at work when you act out in anger or frustration, it may have cost you a promotion
  9. You feel you have to control your temper a lot, hold in feelings and words
  10. You frequently get impatient with people who are too slow:  your kids, traffic, co-workers, loved ones
  11. You’ve blurted out angry words that hurt others and have later regretted
  12. You find yourself getting really mad at someone you care about and later can’t imagine how you could feel that way, as if there are two of you inside:  the angry person and the loving person 
  13. You have a long list of grudges you hold against others
  14. Anger seems to take you over, quickly and with no warning sometimes
  15.  People have asked you to get help for anger issues 
  16. You argue frequently with your spouse, partner, children or co-workers
  17. You’ve found yourself breaking things, or driving recklessly when anger hijacks you 
  18. You have thought about harming someone or something when you were in the grip of anger 
  19. You have hit, shoved, pushed, slapped or kicked a loved one or pet when angry
  20. You have had legal problems because of unmanaged anger

If you have 6 or more of these common patterns, and the things you've tried aren't enough to manage anger, you might benefit from our wealth of information and research. 

We'd love to help.  We offer you simple, easy to use skills, a supportive and safe environment, to help you find a better way. 

Stop hurting the people you care about.  And stop hurting yourself.

Call us 503-342-2510  or email us.   We can help