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How we help your child with  therapy.
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Here’s what some of the parents have said:

"Thank you. My daughter is doing better in school now.  We’re having some good times again and I no longer worry all the time if she’ll be alright.We’ve finally recovered from the move."            JB - Tigard
"My son is loving his new school and things are much better thanks to you.  He just loves you!  He uses that little phrase you taught him and now he smiles a lot more.  Thank you soooo much."

            TR - Beaverton


"I never thought we’d stop arguing.  But now we have family dinners and it’s a pleasant time.  I never thought it could happen.  I never realized how changing simple things could help us talk again. Everyone has a voice now.   I feel good about being a parent again.  Thanks for all your help."

             MC - Hillsboro


"Since you suggested a new bedtime ritual, my daughter is able to get to sleep and bedtime is no longer a battle."

           SF - Lake Oswego


"My son’s teachers are reporting that he’s back on track.  He’s getting most of his homework in on time.  And it’s a miracle.  He brought a friend home from school and they seemed to be having a good time."

                    RG - Tualatin


"Once she started high school, Chelsea seemed to change.  I didn't know what was happening to her.  Thank God she was able to talk to you.  It's made such a difference."

                FN - Wilsonvillle







Most people are curious about how therapy works with children.  It’s very different!  I use methods that are designed to make it easy for children to express and heal the challenges they face.

Therapy with parents involves a lot of talking and insight.  With children, play opens a door that talking alone cannot.  Play helps children integrate feeling, action and thought.  Most children have difficulty observing their thoughts and feelings.  So we play with a purpose to help your child naturally express and work through difficulties.  

Play therapy helps kids balance feelings of sadness, anger and fear with happiness, creativity and well-being. . .  and it happens naturally.   They come away from therapy unburdened, feeling understood and resilient again.

I love working with children, parents and teachers together because:

  • We can act as a supportive team for your child or teenager
  • You can try out new skills and ways to communicate with your child
  •  When we understand your child’s daily challenges, we can help resolve them.

 Here are some of the ways children thrive in therapy and how we will work together:

Play therapy provides a way for kids to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. As children’s experiences and knowledge are often communicated through play, it becomes an important vehicle for them to know and accept themselves and others.  For example a child may be angry at her brother, and rather than get in a fight, working with stuffed animals, or art, they express bottled-up feelings and find ways to resolve them.

Art Work  When children are invited to explore with color,  texture, images and paper, their organic wisdom guides the process.  What was unknown or scary becomes known.  What is frustrating becomes tamed by coming to life on a piece of paper.

Work with Parents  Most parents these days need support!   And they need tools to feel effective and confident in their role as mother or father.   You may have feelings of guilt about being angry and disappointed in your child.  You may have mixed feelings about even being a parent.  These are natural and normal. 

Changing Behavior  If your child is acting out, aggressive, spacing out or, not participating, I can show you ways to help motivate and inspire your child to take part in family life again.

Call us!  We'd love to chat to discuss your concerns about your child or teenager.  Why lose any more precious time.  Most people who call are good parents and they have good kids.  Why not get support, practical help to ease the way.