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Worried about your daughter or son?  Parenting getting challenging?
Call us to set up an appointment.  We'd love to help.


Here’s what some of the parents we work with have said:

"Thank you. My daughter is doing better in school now.  We’re having some good times again and I no longer worry all the time if she’ll be alright.We’ve finally recovered from the move."            JB - Tigard
"My son is loving his new school and things are much better thanks to you.  He just loves you!  He uses that little phrase you taught him and now he smiles a lot more.  Thank you soooo much."

            TR - Beaverton


"I never thought we’d stop arguing.  But now we have family dinners and it’s a pleasant time.  I never thought it could happen.  I never realized how changing simple things could help us talk again. Everyone has a voice now.   I feel good about being a parent again.  Thanks for all your help."

             MC - Hillsboro


"Since you suggested a new bedtime ritual, my daughter is able to get to sleep and bedtime is no longer a battle."

           SF - Lake Oswego


"My son’s teachers are reporting that he’s back on track.  He’s getting most of his homework in on time.  And it’s a miracle.  He brought a friend home from school and they seemed to be having a good time."

                    RG - Tualatin


"Once she started high school, Chelsea seemed to change.  I didn't know what was happening to her.  Thank God she was able to talk to you.  It's made such a difference."

                FN - Wilsonvillle







Many parents I’ve talked with feel stressed, discouraged and even anxious.  They feel overwhelmed about what to do and how to help their child. 

Perhaps you’ve had these challenges with your child:

  • You’ve moved or divorced and you’re concerned about your child’s reaction.  She isn’t coping, is moody and it’s hard to talk.  You worry if she will be OK.
  • Your child reports that schoolmates are teasing her.  She’s showing signs of anxiety or depression but she won’t talk about it and says no one can help.  You’re not sure how to help your child when she is being bullied.
  • Your home has become a battleground. You hope for those feel-good moments that never seem to happen anymore.  You may feel embarrassed that sometimes you don’t even like your child.
  • Your child has been exposed to a shocking or scary event. You’re not sure what you should or can do, especially when your child says nothing is wrong, but you see him changing.  You’re concerned about him, and worry that he may never be the same.
  • Your child has lost a grandparent, friend or pet and is not springing back to life, or is acting out her grief in upsetting ways.  You’re not sure what to do.
  • You may find parenting more difficult that you ever imagined.  Instead of bringing you joy, your family may feel like just one more stressor.  Being nice, or being demanding, doesn’t seem to work.  You fear that maybe you’re not good enough, and feel guilty and hurt by your children.

Well, take a deep breath!  Relax and realize these are solvable problems.  I have been working with children and teenagers for many years.  After 3000 hours spent with children and parents,  I’m delighted to offer you tools that work.   I love helping families use their strengths to cope and thrive.

If any of these situations sound familiar, please call us.  We really enjoy talking with parents and helping them to reclaim hope in their children and in themselves.   

This work is not just a job to me.  We consider it our calling, and are deeply committed to helping kids and families mend.

To make it easy for you, we accept most health insurance plans.

Give me a call at 503-342-2510, or
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You can also text 503-342-2510.

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