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Our approach . . . Interactive!

Be prepared for our interactive style of counseling.  We provide an interactive exchange, working with you in a collaborative process that helps you overcome anxiety and depression issues. We are much more than good listeners.

Direct Feedback.  We give you direct feedback about your situation. We know you are going through a difficult time. We will tell you what we see, then suggest how to move forward in the best possible way. This is a no-nonsense approach to counseling that most people find refreshing.

Skills.  We give you skills you need in order to change.  Learning to be confident and authentic is not normal!  This may sound strange, but our brains are designed to look for danger and risk.  Learning to manage stress, reduce anxiety is not a skill that most people have hard wired in this ever speedy world we live in.  If you’re willing to do homework, you will probably see results in how to manage anxiety and depression more quickly,  not just in your counseling sessions.

Goal-Directed focus.  We help you define clear goals, through which your therapist will guide you into a better place. Working toward these goals will give you a sense of how far you’ve come in therapy and when it is time to finish.

Short-Term Therapy.  We find that clients don’t need to stay in therapy for very long. With the help of your therapist you will better understand your challenges and what to do about them. Once you have worked towards a positive outcome, your therapy ends.