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Group Therapy:  find a safe haven, where you feel listened to and understood.  Where you feel a sense of belonging.   Get practical help with anxiety and depression.

What Is Group Therapy?

Your group will have five to eight people ,plus myself, who commit themselves to attend weekly group sessions.

Sessions run for an hour-and-a-half.

Participants agree to keep everyone's name and personal information confidential outside of group.

At the beginning of each session, group members decide together who will be the focus of group work that session. If time permits,
more than one group member may volunteer to work with his or her
concern for that week

Although there is focus on one person at a time, everyone participates through listening, asking questions, and contributing support.

You may always decline to participate in any facet of group that feels uncomfortable.

If you have any questions, please call me at 503-342-2510 or you can email

What Is The Therapist's Role?

With our training in group dynamics and process we know how to help you feel safe, while trying out new ways of communicating and relating. You can learn and practice new tools with yourself and with your group mates, so you experience firsthand what it is to feel safety, belonging, while learning to be yourself.  This is how self-confidence and self-esteem are strengthened.

What Are The Benefits of Group Therapy?

You will experience emotional support, empathic understanding, and authentic encouragement from one another.

Committed attendance is itself helpful, as you learn to "show up" for yourself  and for others.

You will learn to deepen your self-confidence through revealing your inner thoughts and feelings and realizing you are not that different from others. 

Group therapy can be instrumental in healing the emotional and psychological struggles people experience: depression, anxiety, anger, fear, shame, etc.

You learn to accept support from others and  feel less alone in the world through understanding other people's lives.

Understanding other people's problems, goals, and solutions helps you clarify your own.

Belonging to a supportive group helps people feel a renewed purpose.  You develop a sense of responsibility to the group because your participation impacts other group members.

You can experiment with different roles and ways of being in group that inform, change, and take root in your life.

Group therapy provides opportunities to transcend your life struggles, as you learn to put things in perspective and live in the moment.

Financial Benefits

Fees for group therapy are usually much less than for individual therapy, often about half the cost. Because fees are lower, insurance payments for group therapy may be more generous, depending upon your plan. Please note, however, that insurance reimbursement always requires a mental health diagnosis, no matter what therapeutic modality is utilized.

Call us to set up an intake appointment and start feeling better  about yourself, your relationships, and your life. 

Would you like more support in your life?

  • Help finding a renewed sense of possibility and self-confidence?
  • Learn how to manage challenging moods and emotions  
  • Understand how you can successfully relate to others and choose new, more effective ways of connecting?
  • Learn to identify your needs and gently but effectively assert them in the world   

If this sounds good, we have a place for you.   You are not alone.

Call us to set up an intake appointment and start feeling better.  


Begins:  call for details.

Where:  Tigard Office      Type of group: weekly, on going, not a drop-in group

Cost:  $65, most insurance plans accepted

Our 90-minute, therapist-led support group will combine education and help processing challenging moods such as anxiety and depression.  You’ll feel supported as you learn new ways to manage emotions, and receive encouragement from the group.

How the Group Works:

Each member will give a brief check in, then the topic for the evening is chosen by group from ideas Lin gathers from the check-in.


Common topics include: coping, acceptance, communication, cultivating hope, getting intentional, goal-setting, reframing distorted thinking, improving self-esteem, forgiveness, personal responsibility, letting go, and, relating to and resolving current life dilemmas.  


The group ends with a brief meditation.


Group members are asked to commit to the group, agreeing to come and share with the group when they feel ready to leave.  Group members tend to become close and find support from one another.


The $65 fee is covered by most insurance plans so you only have a copay.  Most clients use health insurance.

We are happy to check your beneifits for you so you’ll know what it will cost before you attend. 


We accept most insurance plans including BCBS - Blue Cross Blue Shield, Providence, ODS, PBH - Pacific Behavioral Health, UBH - United Behavioral Health, Cigna, Great West, Pacific Source, Value Options, MHN, Aetna, Family Care OHP and most others.


To make it easy, you can pay with cash, check or credit card, at the start of each group.  Or you can pay in advance for the month.




"I credit you with being the one person who always gave me a sense of self-worth, and not in a motherly way, or out of obligation because you were my therapist, but just in an honest way that I could sense came from genuine caring and sincerity."  Mark C