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The Dilemma of the Acorn . . . the story behind our logo

The Dilemma of the Acorn . . .

by Suzie Wolfer LCSW   ©2003

An acorn fell from a magnificent oak tree.

It landed on fertile ground, content and safe inside its shell. And it stayed that way through the freezing winds and chill rain of winter.

Then one day, as spring turned into summer, and the sun awakened the little acorn, a strange thing happened. The acorn started to outgrow her shell. Her beautiful, protective home started to crack.  This made her quite anxious.

The grand design coded deep in every cell of the acorn, the DNA of the oak tree, began to reveal itself. The acorn quivered in her dilemma. “Should I hold on tight to my shell? Or do I dare let it go?” Both seemed impossible. She felt stuck.

Then in a flash of insight, she saw a new possibility.  Startled, she accidentally relaxed her grip on the shell for a moment and the cap popped off. Next the swollen shell dropped away from the tender seed. The acorn’s old identity fell away as her shell lay in pieces around her.

She felt tiny rootlets reaching into the cool darkness of the earth . . . And after a rest, a tender green shoot emerged from deep within the heart of the acorn and reached for the sun.

And then something amazing happened. And as the acorn opened, the oak tree took its place.