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Our Clients  . . . are successful people who find themselves challenged
Relationship Problems?

Is your relationship experiencing a rough ride?  Are relationship problems pushing your stress level to the "red line?"  If so, you may be ready for "relationship rescue!"

Research indicates that unsussessful conflict and the isolation it causes, may be a health risk similar to smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.*

Whether you see us alone, or with your partner, you will learn valuable skills that you can use now to reduce the conflict and close the gap of emotional disconnection.

Even if the problem is in your relationship, you alone can still make a difference with some simple skills that anyone can learn.

If you come together, you will learn and practice relationship skills in a caring and supportive environment. 

Once you build a strong foundation of effective skills, it takes the mystery out of finding peace and connection.  You can start building a house that will stand strong.

Luckily, research also shows exactly what it takes to rebuild the "relationship house." 

You wouldn't try to fix your own furnace, or cut your own hair. 

We can help you repair your relationship and
find the way back to a loving connection again. 

Perhaps you're ready to give it a try.

Read what clients are saying.

* "Social Relationship and Health", Science Magazine,  Issue 24


Generally, our clients are people who find themselves challenged with common problems:
  • You realize there is a problem, and your solutions are only partially working.
  • You know something needs to change, and you're not  sure how to start.
  • You want someone to talk with, without worrying about others' reactions.

Here are common challenges our clients have overcome:

 "My husband and I seem to be arguing more and more all the time.  No matter what I do, we end up mad.  I love him but something's got to change."

“I’m not feeling fulfilled.   My Dad died a few years ago, but I'm over that.  I get to feeling down for no reason.   My partner is concerned about me and suggested I talk to someone.”

“I have a good job.  It pays well.  But it's very stressful.   I feel drained at the end of the day.  I can't get to sleep and stay asleep.  My thoughts won't stop.  Nothing seems to work.”
“I just can’t seem to get my house organized
.  I do the bare minimum.  I used to  be creative.  But it seems like I just turn on the TV and there goes the evening.  I’m afraid to have people come over because my house is such a mess.”

"Something bad happened to me, and I just can't get over it."

You may not yet believe that things can get better, but over the last 20 years, we have seen clients resolve their challenges, once they are equipped with skills, insight, and renewed confidence.   We can help you tap into your own intuition and strengths, and get back in the game again. 

Whether it is something from the past or a current challenge,  every week we see clients defy depression, despair, anxiety and pave the way to a life where confidence and peace take root.
If you recognize these qualities in yourself, we are likely to work well together:
  • You maybe a little skeptical but curious to see if therapy could work for you
  •  You want someone who can really listen to you in a way that brings out your strengths and creativity
  • Maybe you look great on paper, but you don't feel happy and search for whats missing
  • You are willing to try something new, even if it’s a little out of your comfort zone
  • You used to have a sense of humor and would like to get out from under the weight of discouragement and stress, and be less serious and more happy
  • You remember how enjoyable life used to be
  • Most of all, you know you want a better way . . . you’re ready to settle for more 

Why wait any longer?

To set up an appointment call or text:  503-342-2510 

Find out how we will work together.


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