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As a client you can expect . . . support where you can talk over challenges you are facing without judgment or expectation.  In our work together, you are the expert of your life.  And through our mutual commitment to the work, you will reap the benefits of therapy and rediscover your calm, peaceful center where positive changes are born.
How we can help 

If you are stressed, we’ll help you find and use that peaceful and strong center where you have clarity.

If you are struggling in a relationship, we will help you find common ground and the words to build bridges, not walls.

If you are GLBTQ, we will help you meet the unique challenges of being in a minority group and thrive.

If you’ve lost someone dear to you, and are having trouble adjusting, we will help you find your way through the forest of grief and loss.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, together we can find the calm, clear-headed person inside you waiting to be discovered.

If you procrastinate and find things stacking up, we can help you make a plan to deal with your stuff and your feelings about your stuff. 

If you’re facing a difficult transition with children, job, moving, or divorce, we will help you find what is true and enduring in your life in the midst of change.

In working with clients for nearly a quarter of a century, we have developed effective methods for dealing with the problems and challenges we all experience in everyday life.  We use these methods ourselves, so we know they work.

As we listen deeply and are fully present with you, you can rely on both our therapists'  intuition and intellect to bring forth what is most useful to help you achieve your goals and find yourself again.  Everyone  is different.  Each client needs an experience directly suited to them. And that’s how you may benefit in working with counselors who have thousands of hours of experience.

Call us at 503-342-2510, email or text us to get help now

What you’ll find exceptional about our work together:
  • You'll see results or we'll change tactics.
  • We’ll stay in the present, journeying to the past if needed at times. Your power and creativity live in the here and now and that’s where we will work
  • If you have a blind spot, we will challenge you in a respectful, engaging way to help get you back in the game again.
  • You will learn skills you can put to work in your relationships, at work, and at play.
  • We will see what is good and noble and right about you. 
  • You will feel safe and supported.
  • You’ll be working with someone who can meet you emotionally, intuitively and intellectually.
  • You will get better, not just feel better.
  • It will even be fun at times.  Laughter can heal hearts.
  • Out of the 100s of tools and skills available, we'll select those that will give you quick, effective results. 
  • You will feel seen and listened to in a way you may have never experienced before, not just your words but also what you mean to say but don’t always have words to express.
At the end of each session we will briefly review an ask for your feedback.  We want to make sure our work together is effective for you, every time.

GLBTQ clients find acceptance here, and a safe place to talk about their challenges.  Gifted adults and artists often find solace in being able to share with a like-minded therapist. You are not alone in the world.  Someone understands.

Through individual, couples and family meetings, as well as workshops, classes, and homework, you will have the opportunity to practice the new skills you are learning. You will get the results you are looking for.

Call to set up appointment to discuss your challenges and how we might work together at 503-342-2510 or text email us.

If you are fortunate enough to have OHP FamilyCare, call us, we are on that panel and your copay is $0.00!