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Is Your Child Being Bullied?  Take this Survey
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“Bullying is a life-and-death issue that we ignore at our children’s peril,”
           Barbara Coloroso

“The true snapshot of school violence must account for the millions of kids who experience diminished learning and peace of mind each day at school, This means most of our kids, in most of our schools.”
James Garbarino &
Ellen de Lara



We are hearing more and more parents and children telling us about bullying.  It appears to be rampant.  Every day, 1000s of children skip school because they fear being attacked or intimidated by other students.

Bullying rarely happens only once.  And as it continues, it can systematically destroy your child or teen's very sense of self.  Don't wait and hope it will get better.

Check out these warning signs:

  1. Does Your child come home with physical marks like cuts or bruises, damaged clothing?
  2. Are their clothes, toys or supplies suddenly missing?
  3. Is there an unexplained loss of money or school lunches?
  4. Starts skipping school or doesn't want to go to school?
  5. Afraid of riding the bus
  6. Has lost interest in school, sports activities with friends?
  7. Has trouble with school work, grades are suffering?
  8. Starts to isolate?  Has few friends?  Wants to be left alone?
  9. Or suddenly anxious, afraid of being left alone, lonely?
  10. Has unexplained personality changes?  Can be sullen, moody, withdrawn, shy, angry?
  11. Starts taking alternate routes to school?
  12. Is depressed, or sad when they come home from school?
  13. Starts having headaches, difficulty sleeping, tummy aches?
  14. Reports having bad dreams or nightmares?
  15. Changes in eating habits:  over eating or loss of appetiteRavenous at home if lunch or lunch money is stolen?
  16. Waits to use the bathroom at home?  (because they are unsupervised, can be hot spots for bullying)
  17. Sudden negative self talk?  Wants to run away?  Starts cutting?  Talking about suicide?
If you answered Yes to more than 5 of these questions, it's time to start asking some questions. 

Your child may not want to talk with you about this for some very good reasons:
  • Fear of making things worse
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Feeling so helpless that they feel like no one can help them
  • They may feel threatened with worse punishment if they tell

It may be helpful to let your child or teen talk with a therapist skilled in working with the effects of bullying. 

We have a gentle and skillful way of helping your child or teen feel safe and not get overwhelmed by having to "talk it out."  We want to help restore their confidence in a way that leads to permanent solutions that work for them.

We know how to build a system of support and address bullying where it needs to be fixed: in the schools.

Bullying is a serious problem. 
It is wrong. 
And it needs to be stopped.
Don't waste another moment of your child's precious life.

Call us to get started. 503-342-2510.

Tony Grace LPC

Specializes in helping children and teens respond to and recover from the effects of bullying. 

If you have any questions, I would be happy to talk with you on the phone to learn more about your situation, and how we might make things better.