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Have you ever felt the sense that you were living out of sync with yourself? 
Longing for some other kind of life that is more peaceful and fulfilling? 
                                                                                                Consider Somatic Experiencing®


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Have you ever  . . .

  • Sensed that a different kind of life was possible?
  • Wondered if patterns from the past keep you from being more confident, alive and health?
  • Longed to feel more at ease in your life, relationships and work?

Somatic therapies, such as Somatic Experiencing®, have helped many people to be more healthy and experience greater ease and resilience.

This gentle approach utilizes the natural wisdom of our bodies  to be resilient with life's ups and downs.  Somatic therapy can help you to discover within yourself innate tools for unlocking the power of your Organic Intelligence™. This process awakens your capacity to have fuller, richer, and happier days, and returns you to your birthright:  freedom.

Most people feel better at the end of every session.  You will feel renewed with this gentle sustainable process of awakening.

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy, sometimes called body-centered psychotherapy or somatic psychology, is a cutting edge approach to helping people heal themselves and transform their lives naturally.

In a somatic approach, the information the body conveys is welcomed.  Together we pay close attention to the messages your body is sending.

Actually, you may already be working with your body's wisdom.

  • Have you ever had a "gut feeling," a wordless sense of something that could be called intuition?
  • Perhaps you've experienced "butterflies" in your stomach when you feel anxiety or stress.
  • You may have experienced heartbreak, the physical pain that goes along with emotional suffering and grief. 

Or perhaps you've used mindfulness to savor  the feeling of ease and comfort in your body.  You notice a delicious sigh that happens when you shift into a more relaxed state.

Let Something New Happen

All of these physiological experiences are important to support something new to happen.  When you learn to notice and savor the healing potential of physical sensations, you can help your body and mind to heal faster, more completely, and potentially, more enjoyably.

If you are interested in learning more, give us a call 503-342-2510 or email Suzie

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