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SoulCollage® Help with Chemical Dependency Challenges

Watch SoulCollage®

Intro to SoulCollage
® - watch this 30 minute video produced by New Connexion

Benefits of SoulCollage
® - see a few of Suzie's cards including Seena Frost Communitu Card

How to Make a SoulCollage
® Card  producded by Karen Ventura in her Indie Arts series

Articles by Suzie Wolfer LCSW

Archetypes in SoulCollage® - Learn how archteypes choose you and can strengthen your life           Psychotherpy and SoulCollage

Journey to the Source - a meditation process to find your Source Card

Mindfulness and SoulCollage® - Using SoulCollage® to find that sustained, flexible focus of attention on "what is."

SoulCollage® and Addiction - learn how to outsmart addiction patterns

SoulCollage® and Neuroscience - learn about the physiology of mindfulness and stress reduction

Soul Whisperer - Learn to wisely listen to your challenging parts as well as your happy parts