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Tracy Christ LPC - help for anxiety, depression, with children, teens, young adults




 Tracy Christ LPC

  • Have your or your child suffered from abuse? 
  •  Anger, depression or anxiety creating problems for you or your loved ones?
  • Would you benefit from a therapist who sees you as a survivor and helps you  remember what's good, and healthy and right about you?
I work collaboratively with legal/medical advocates, educators, and school social workers to increase the quality of client care. I have worked closely with therapy interns and provided guidance and support. I currently work collaboratively with high schools to establish and provide in-school individual and group services.

I believe in implementing a strength based approach and identifying beneficial resources in the community that will further encourage clients’ growth.  I utilize creative interventions, such as art and play, when appropriate with clients.

I have worked successfully with families and survivors of community violence, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Through this experience, I am able understand the complexity of emotions that often accompany trauma.

I take developmental level into account when developing a treatment approach. I also tailor interventions to the specific needs of the client to create individualized treatment plans. 

Through genuineness and cultural understanding, I have been able to from trusting therapeutic relationships that encourage consistent engagement in services. I successfully work with other therapists and often teaming together on groups and workshops.

I am motivated to continue to grow as a professional and am currently receiving training for EMDR and Child Parent Psychotherapy.

Get to know me with a free phone consult.  Or if you'd like to get started right away, call and set up an appointment.  I accept most health insurance plans gladly including OHP FamilyCare

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